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7 things to know about Sudaa Nar Fire Tribe

  1. We have risen from the ashes and endings of many belly dance and fire groups. The strongest have persisted and have the focus to make the show go on.

  2. Our group is one of laughter. Every member of the troupe has a unique smile and vibe that is unique to them. Many of our dances start on a silly idea and bloom into more.

  3. We are the biggest pyros you will ever meet. We are also some of the most safety conscious pyros you will ever meet.

  1. We are nerds at heart. Not the same type, or the same fandom, but we support each other.

  1. Each member of our troupe starts as a safety for a year before they perform. We feel that this provides ample opportunity to really learn what each tool does, and how to put them out.

  2. We have a huge resume of events we have performed at. This includes weddings, birthday parties, conventions,multicultural shows, travel shows, car shows and local events like first Friday and cosplay festivals.

  3. We try to make every show or performance unique. You will not see the same show twice from us. (Unless you want that sort of thing)

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