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Our Dancers

The spirit of a dancer ignites in the flames, fueled by passion, courage, and the rhythmic dance of their own inner fire.


Noora Amar began belly dancing in 1990 under the direction of Marliza Pons. She has studied Egyptian, Turkish, Folkloric, and American Cabaret styles, as well as modern improvisational belly dance. She began performing with fire in 2010 under the direction of Danya Cornelius and Seraphina Fire. Noora created Sudaa' Nar Tribe in 2011 and in 2017, added fire performances to the existing troupe, to become Sudaa' Nar Fire Tribe. Her experience with multiple styles of dance gives her the ability to create unique and exciting shows!

Za'Nyah Zi

Za'Nyah is a multi-faceted performer from Boise, ID. She can be found on the various stages throughout the Treasure Valley as an actress and dancer, and recently began her journey into performing with fire and other flow-based arts. Za'Nyah is the founder and director of Twist of Fate Dance Company, and has been the recipient of many awards for her dancing as well as for her choreography. Za'Nyah is also an award-winning film actor and director. When she isn't performing, Za'Nyah loves backpacking, wine tasting, and hanging with her husband and two pups.


Mindi, an enthusiastic individual with a dynamic spirit, has wholeheartedly embraced the flame. Alongside her performances with Twist of Fate in Boise, Mindi has significantly augmented her knowledge and confidence both on and off the dance floor. With Mindi, unpredictability adds an exciting element, promising an engaging experience that keeps audiences on their toes.

Ky / Scarlet Ember

Also known by their alter-ego, Scarlet Ember, Ky seamlessly integrates the essence of fire into both personal and artistic realms. A multifaceted performer, Ky feels elevated by adding Sudaa' Nar to their repertoire, infusing them with an additional touch of vibrant flair. As a proficient show producer, Ky spearheads events like Scarlet's Drag Inferno and their Irish Myths and Legends shows, showcasing expertise in music editing, video production, and web design. Whether adorned in drag or in everyday attire, Ky's inclusion in our tribe has undeniably fueled the flames of creativity.

Sarah / Nox

Sarah, also known as Nox, embarked on her journey with fire and dance from an early age, following in the footsteps of her mother, Noora. Having officially embraced the fire as an adult, Nox has honed her stage confidence through over a year of Pole Dance at Ascension Pole Fitness. Embraced by Sudaa' Nar and its members, Nox has seamlessly integrated into our tribe. Catch her captivating performances at Renaissance Festivals, PRIDE shows, and various other events!


Bringing over a decade of performance experience in the Boise area, Melissa has graced stages alongside artists such as Cairo Fusion and our own Twist of Fate. Her pint-size form is adorned with red-headed spunk, making her an ideal fit for our vibrant tribe. Beyond the fiery performances, Melissa is a licensed personal training and fitness coach, managing Insight BioFitness. Her diverse skill set extends to graphic design, including the creation of our distinctive logo.

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